Ambedkar Memorial

Ambedkar Memorial

Designed by two brothers – Sudesh Mahan and Rajesh Mahan, the former an artist of high repute and the latter a gifted architect, the Ambedkar Memorial is the Central Structure in Spoorthidhama. Standing majestically on an elevated stretch of rock and raising to a considerable height, it commands a great view all around and could be seen from a long distance.

Baba Saheb Ambedkar waged a historic struggle to free the untouchables from the yoke of unparalleled oppression which finally culminated in their freedom, and equal rights and opportunities for them along with others. He wrote the constitution of India which enshrine the democratic values of liberty, equality, fraternity and Justice. He made signal contributions to various fields of activity including economic development. His immense, contribution to the country is slowly being realized now. And the memorial is erected in his memory.

Ambedkar stood for total change. He never believed in half measures. A scholar of unprecedented depth, he was also a statesman, educationist, economist, sociologist, and religious reformer. He visualized an India free from superstition and priesthood, with equal rights and equal opportunities for all. And an India where there are no poor, no oppressed and no suffering. He declared that this dream had roots in Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

The memorial rises like a spring, unhurriedly, creating voluble spaces all along, which are used for museums, exhibitions, library, meditation hall, and academic activity like research and publication. In the centre raises a 6’ diameter cylinder with perforations at the top. A powerful light gushes through the cylinder from ground up, towards the sky and lights up the sky all around. This gushing light towards the sky represents the sprit emancipation.

Outside the building images of Buddha, Ambedkar and the common people, are represented at different levels. At the ground level are the common people, oppressed and suppressed by social and religious bigotry. They are looking at Ambedkar for guidance. Ambedkar who stands in the middle points at the Buddha whose figure appears at a higher level and tells the people to go to him, follow his path.

Ambedkar’s struggle, vision and ultimate solution to the problem of the depressed are forcefully conceptualized in the above design.
In the words Late. Mr. Laurie Baker, the renowned architect the memorial would represent “the original people solid, original, basic, of the earth, full of potential… climbing up the ladder of emancipation and freedom through unity, usefulness, progress by cooperation and to-getherness.

It was Baba Saheb Ambedkar who brought Buddha back to India, the land of his birth. Today there is great interest in the regeneration of Buddhism in India and people all over the Country are embracing it in huge numbers.

There were also others who in ways big or small helped the oppressed with their sympathy, in some cases material help and generally articulating the injustice of their position. They are also going to be remembered.

The first stage of the memorial is estimated to cost Rs. 29 Crores.